Skin Rejuvenation Clinic
Education, Not Medication
"Before I came to see Kathryn about my skin I was tweezing the unwanted hair on my face. The constant tweezing seemed incessant and for all my time, effort and frustration the results were all too temporary. I'd have hair-free skin for only a few days at a time before I'd have to go through the painful process all over again. It was a vicious cycle. At a certain point I began to notice that I was inflicting a lot damage on my skin as a result of the toll that tweezing had taken on my skin. And the more I became aware of exactly how much of my valuable time tweezing consumed and the resulting scarring and hyperpigmentation I had from it, the more I became unwilling to continue doing it. I knew there had to be a better way! I'd always been interested in permanent hair removal and finally had the courage to look into electrolysis. I'd discovered Kathryn's clinic by walking by it a year or so prior to my being ready to actually make the call. I was initially attracted to the beautiful surroundings and private nature of Kathryn's facility. It was important for me to go to a place where I could be treated with individualized care, discretion and respect.

In my first phone conversation with Kathryn I felt relieved that she understood how upsetting the tweezing process had been for me both physically and emotionally and also had awareness of the sensitivities particular to Black skin. We set up an appointment for me to come in and I've been coming to her for an hour every week for about a year now. The results have been fantastic! Everyone who knows me comments on how wonderful my skin looks now, how much clearer and more radiant my complexion is. And in the time that I've been going to Kathryn I've been able to move on to other problem areas of my skin as well.

I have to admit that there was a period of time where it didn't seem like I was ever going to get to where I am now. There was a lot of damage to be undone to my skin and just like it didn't develop overnight, it wasn't going to dissolve overnight either. Kathryn was both professional and patient in encouraging me to decide for myself whether I wanted to continue our treatments, and if so, to trust that I would see the results I was looking for soon. And I did! The first major milestone of progress came shortly after my moment of panic and uncertainty. I have very been pleased with Kathryn's skillful attention to caring for my skin and her dedication to helping me achieve the results I want. I also appreciate her wholistic approach to skin care and enjoy how manageable caring for my skin has become. The time and energy I used to spend on my skin has been freed up and devoted to other, more joyful, areas of my life!

I wholeheartedly recommend Kathryn's services to anyone, whatever their skincare needs may be!"

- S.

"Kathryn's work surpasses that of every other electrologist I have tried. She is also discreet, funny and a pleasure to spend time with."

- A.W.

"Anyone with 'problem skin' knows the trials that we go through; product after product, 'cure' after 'cure'. Given that, I was very skeptical when I arrived at Kathryn's office for the first time. Yet, shortly after beginning her treatment, my family and friends began commenting on how great I looked. For the first time in my adult life I can look in the mirror and see clear, healthy skin! I look great and feel great!"

- J.M.

"All the areas of my body that Kathryn has treated with electrolysis are still free from unwanted hair after twenty years."

- M.K.

"Kathryn Kailian has worked wonders for my skin! I'm amazed how much her products and facials have made my face look healthier, fresher, and younger. In fact, I began to see beneficial results after only a couple of weeks of using her products. I used to think that facials and facial products were for women only. Not true! I encourage any guy with less than perfect skin to contact her immediately."

- B.L.

"Since beginning with Kathryn Kailian's services and products over two and a half years ago, the whole balance, texture, and appearance of my skin has changed. She has a fine personalized approach to her treatments. She is also very knowledgeable about individually tailoring her services by skin and personality types. Her products are high quality; they impact significantly to improve skin tone and decrease imbalances. As a clinician myself, it is especially important for my skin to appear healthy, despite repeated exposure to occupational chemicals. By continuing with Kathryn Kailian's treatment plan, the overall benefits to my professional and personal lives are dramatically visible. I never hestitate to refer patients, family members, and friends to her Skin Rejuvenation Clinic."

- P.B.

"Take a look at the Kathryn! She practices what she preaches."

- S.M.

"I went to Kathryn on a whim. I had always received compliments on my skin. But I'm nearing 50 and I thought anything that could possibly make me look younger would be worth doing. Wow! I couldn't believe the difference. My visible pores are nearly invisible, the lines on my face are much less noticeable, and the red broken blood vessels and dark spots are almost gone. With Kathryn, you don't have to wonder if it's working. The compliments are amazing!"

- N.H.

"I have been blessed with pretty good skin so I never really did much with my skin. In my teens, like most of us, I spent a great bit of time tanning. Since then I have gotten wiser and avoid sun bathing but what I didn't realize was that I was not protecting my skin from daily sun damage. After visiting with Kathryn, I realized that I was getting sun damage even while driving around in my car since I wasn't protecting my skin with the right UV protection. She worked out a regimen that would help correct the current damage and protect me from further exposure. It was quite an eye opener to realize that I was taking my good skin for granted!!"

- M.S.

"I normally have pretty good skin but all of a sudden my forehead started breaking out like crazy. It was horrible! I changed shampoos thinking that might be the reason and tried almost every over the counter acne stuff I could fine. Nothing seemed to help. Then I tried the sulfer mask from Skin Rejuvenation. I saw dramatic improvement overnight and in 5 days it was completely gone! I also learned how to keep the occasional breakouts under control so I will never be in that position again!!! I can never thank Kathryn enough."

- T.S.